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Currently there is an abundance of homes for sale in the Western Michigan area. With so much "inventory", what can be done to differentiate one property from another to make it sell faster?

Reduction in sales price is the quickest action many Realtors take. But there are other options available at a modest cost that may keep price reductions to a minimum. These options may even eliminate the need for a price reduction at all. These options include a Pre-Listing Home Inspection and/or a Warranty Program.

Accutek Home Inspection Service offers home sellers the competitive advantage needed in today’s challenging real estate market. The "AccuPlus" Home Sellers Inspection Plan is designed to set your home apart from other comparable homes on the market in your area. Having your home pre-inspected at the time of listing allows you to get the best price, ensures that the transaction will proceed smoothly and instills buyer confidence.

What does the "AccuPlus" program include?

  • A complete Building Analysis Report. Prepared by a professional Accutek Inspector, this extensive inspection report completely covers all of the items inspected in your home.
  • Positive Aspects Summary Report. The qualities that make your house a home are emphasized in this concise summary.
  • A 400+ page Home Fact Book. Expert, researched reference material supplements the findings and recommendations in your report. This practical information tells you when and how to maintain your house, and why it’s important to keep it "home worthy".
  • Additional Reports. Ask your Accutek inspector for information on additional inspections and testing services such as water analysis, septic, radon, etc.
  • "AccuPlus" Inspection Certificates. When placed in your home, these certificates show real estate professionals and potential buyers that your home was inspected by a professional Accutek inspector, and that the inspection report is available to qualified buyers.
  • "Buy With Confidence...An Inspected Home" yard sign. This distinctive marketing tool shows potential buyers your home has nothing to hide.

The home inspection completed on a property still for sale, may provide prospective buyers a better feeling about the home. Buyers will also assume the listing price already takes into consideration any concerns cited in the report.

The Home Inspection report offers a third party statement about the home, and if properly presented by the listing agent, it can be used as an integral part of the total marketing program.

The deal may also be sweetened by offering the buyer a one year warranty on the major systems; heating, electrical, plumbing, air conditioning, built in appliances and the roof.

Warranties cover the repair or replacement of covered items. They generally have a small deductible. They’re available through independent companies and the modest cost of approximately $350.00 can potentially save thousands of dollars in price reductions as well. Again, the key ingredient with such programs is in building buyer confidence in the subject property.


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